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Only So Many Winters

An original poem by Dan Fleming There are only so many winters, In a good old cow like her. Raising calf after calf after calf, She did her job each year.   Though I recall in her younger days, She could be quite a pain. She was disrespectful of fences, And led others to do the same.   But still, she doesn’t owe me a thing, Feeding my family all these years. And I’ll give a deserving salute, Through a bit of a graveside tear.   If asked, I would gladly make a trade, To avoid this sad, gray day, I’d chase her out of the corn once more, And feed her one more bale of hay.   But that...

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A Time For Thanks

This has been a week for being thankful. As you may expect, I am thankful for many of the usual things. I am thankful for my family (even that certain character that every family has), the roof over my head, the food on my plate and the opportunity to farm and live close to nature.  Sometimes though, I have been guilty of not appreciating, and even complaining about, things for which I should be very thankful. Case in point, the late winter and spring months this year brought rain after rain that delayed crop production and endangered spring pastures. Grazing livestock would convert pastures to muddy messes if they were turned out before a drier June could arrive, bringing more...

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Thank You to Bartholomew County REMC

We know we owe Mother Earth a lot for our business. And, we know we have a responsibility to take care of our planet the best we can. That is why Fleming Family Beef participates in Bartholomew County REMC’s My Solar program, using solar power to help keep our six freezers going during the hot summer months. The My Solar program allows us to lease one or more solar panels from the array located in southern Bartholomew County. The My Solar program is open to any BCREMC member. To find out more about it, go to: Thanks to REMC, our beef stays frozen (and fresh) all through the hot summer months.

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Survey: Fleming Family Beef wants to know what you think

Help Fleming Family Beef Grow by taking 5 minutes to fill out our survey. Now is your chance to make your voice heard. We value customer feedback, and to show our appreciation, one participant will win a free pound of our Premium Dry Aged Charolais Ground Beef.  The survey is open through Tuesday, November 12.  Thank you for taking the time to give feedback. Take the survey HERE. 

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Checking In on the Alfalfa

Alfalfa is one of the most nutritious forages our mama cows can have. So, we try to always have some growing on our farm. Unfortunately, a stand of Alfalfa only lasts for a few years. This year was a replanting year in one hayfield. However, Alfalfa we planted in the optimum window of late August-early September didn’t see enough rain to germinate until recently. The baby Alfalfa pictured should be several inches high by now. We hope these small plants can store enough energy to hold on through the coming winter.

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