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Mentorship at the Indiana Beef Cattle Association Convention

The annual convention of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) took place Saturday in Indianapolis. For me, the highlight of the day came with the guest speaker during the evening banquet.

If we are fortunate, we will experience a special someone in our lives who will influence us in a profound and positive way for the rest of our lives. The speaker, Dr. Roger Hunsley was just such an influencer for me and countless other college students.

I first knew Dr. Hunsley as my Beef Production and Livestock Evaluation professor during my years at Purdue University long ago.  As an instructor he didn’t just teach class content. Former livestock judging students would agree that the value of having Dr. Hunsley as a teacher came in the form of gained expertise in decision making, articulation of support for decisions, and truth without prejudice in all things.  

Hunsley is a legend in the beef cattle industry in the United States and was/is a superb educator.  His leadership in the industry has led to improved beef product for consumers, and more efficient beef cattle for producers. I will always be thankful to have crossed trails with Dr. Roger Hunsley.

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