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Call it Climate Change, Flood

The Fleming Family Farmdog, Dish, sitting next to a flooded area.

You can call our recent excess rainfall climate change or you can call it just “bad weather.”  The reasons for it may vary from industrialization, or as my dad might say, “because we haven’t paid the preacher.”

If you farm next to a river, some weather extremes result in a whole lot of water that temporarily shrinks one’s real estate considerably.

It also means that, in the very near future, a lot of fence will need to be repaired. Flowing water is very hard on fences, especially fragile electric fence. When the river comes up fast, electric fence wire tends to disappear.

This is the reason I spent much of Saturday coiling electric fence wire just ahead of rising water. An early Sunday morning survey proved that my efforts the previous day were well worth the trouble. Re-fencing after the river goes back down will now be much easier.  

Until then, all farm critters are looking at a wet, confusing world.   

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