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Tasty Tuesday: Tex-Mex Marinade

Looking for a tasty recipe? Make Lynne's Tex-Mex Marinade to use with our Charolais Flank Steak or Sirloin Strip Steak. 

Do you have a bottled marinade you love which you purchase at the grocery store? They are expensive and full of extra stuff to extend shelf life. You can make your own and control the ingredients. Look on the back of the bottle of your favorite marinade for the spices used in the recipe. The ingredients are listed by the amount in the product; from the most to the least. Use the same spices plus an acid. An acid is lemon or lime, or even orange juice. If you want to create your own search for a “flavor profile” on-line. Experiment and taste as you go. Marinate several hours or overnight. Always throw out used marinade. This is what I developed matching my favorite Tex Mex bottled marinade. Enjoy!


1 can tomato sauce

1 Tbsp lime juice

1 tsp chipotle chile pepper

½ tsp crushed red pepper

½ tsp dried garlic

2 tsp dried onion

½ tsp smoky paprika

3 Tbsp sugar


Mix together all ingredients. Stir. Let set for 30 minutes so herbs can flavor the marinade. Stir again. Cover the meat with marinade. Let stand at least 30 minutes or overnight. Remove meat from marinade and discard left-over marinade. Cook meat as desired.


Lynne Fleming

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